Beatpad 2 Review

"The Good: 16 excellent RGB performance pads control 8 diverse performance modes. Tightly integrated with Djay for iOS, Mac and Android/Kindle Fire. Very sturdy construction. High-quality components and audio. Key Match function for harmonic mixing. Spotify Premium integration through Djay software."

“With the Beatpad 2 and Djay 2 app, you have a high-quality all-in-one DJ controller”

“Like the original Beatpad, the Beatpad 2 falls into Reloop’s camp of solidly built all-in-one controllers, with an all-metal chassis, chunky encoders, high-end and responsive pads and just in general, confidence-inspiring components.”

“The replaceable crossfader has the kind of controlled looseness meant for scratching”

“It helps too that the pads both feel and play incredibly. We’ve encountered pads that verge on too hard or too squishy. The pads here seem to find the perfect medium, and they respond very evenly across the whole surface. It’s a pleasure to play cue points, slices, and samples on them with precision.”

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Video: Beatpad 2 Showcase