Beatpad 2 Review

Issue 75 Jan/Feb 2016
Reviewed by Stu Mclaren

“The most immediate realisation any new BeatPad 2 owner will have is that it is NOT ‘just a toy’. The weight, feel and solidarity of the unit are second to none.”

“The sliders for the faders, pitch adjustments and crossfader are perfectly weighted, allowing for precision when mixing and beat-matching.”

“There is zero latency in communication with the software, even when doing multiple complicated looping tasks, applying effects and scratching simultaneously, which further surprised me considering the tracks were being loaded directly from a streaming service.”

“The navigation through Spotify is excellent using a dedicated search knob and the load/select buttons for each deck. Better still, once a track is loaded, the vast amount of visual aid you have is fantastic.”

“With eight multifunction Sample/Trigger pads per deck, you also have an abundance of options to be creative, whether you use them to fire off samples, hot cue or create crazy loop patterns for live remixing. It’s all possible, fantastically easy and most importantly fun; particularly the ‘Bounced Loop’ mode, which can fire eight loops off at once at the touch of a button, all in sync.”

“The BeatPad 2 can do everything I do with my comfortable flagship laptop/controller based system and actually puts my current set up to shame in terms of creative versatility.”

“Would I buy one? Yes, even just purely for my own pleasure and learning in my studio. The BeatPad 2 is a game changer!”

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