Concorde Club

Evolution of the iconic Nightclub E
Exceptional sound quality
High output
Ortofon's premium DJ cartridge with exceptional sound quality
The Concorde MK2 Club boasts the best sound specifications and character of all Ortofon's DJ cartridges. It represents the pinnacle of sound quality for DJs in a club, studio or broadcast environment. It's 8mV output requires less gain from the mixer's pre-amp, providing a cleaner signal and resulting in more accurate sound reproduction and less susceptibility to feedback in a live environment.

The Club is the only Ortofon DJ cartridge to feature a special elliptical stylus that fits better in the record groove, allowing for more contact with the groove itself. This results in a richer, more detailed sound than can be achieved with a spherical stylus.

The new stylus body design makes it easier to see the groove with a wider stylus-view cut-out. Tactile feedback when mounting the stylus tip to the body gives an added layer of security. The new, textured finger grip gives you a wider area to hold on to and is now replaceable, making the new Concorde even tougher in demanding environments.

The Club is also recommended for DJs looking to digitize their vinyl collection due to its clarity and quality of sound reproduction.


Concorde Twin Pack: £235
Concorde Cartridge: £120
Stylus: £50
Finger grip (yellow): £8.50

Technical Data

Output Voltage (@ 1kHz, 5cm/sec.): 8mV
Channel Balance (@ 1kHz):
Channel Separation (@ 1kHz):
Channel Separation (@ 15kHz):
Frequency Range (@ -3dB):
20 - 20,000Hz
Tracking Ability (@ 315Hz)*: 100μm
Compliance (Dynamic Lateral): 14μm / mN
Stylus Type: Spherical
Stylus Tip Radius (R): 18μm
Tracking Force Range: 2.0 - 4.0g (30 - 50mN)
Recommended Tracking Force: 3.0g (40mN)
Cartridge Weight: 18.5g
Replacement Stylus Unit:

* At recommended tracking force