Concorde Green

  • Durable, stylish concorde DJ cartridge
  • Designed and engineered by the experts at Ortofon
  • Optimised for use with Time-Code Vinyl on DVS set-ups

Reloop's flagship concorde cartridge, optimised for time-code vinyl

Concorde Green

Analogue and digital worlds collide in the Reloop Concorde Green cartridge. This new design is designed specifically with timecode records in mind, to meet the needs of modern DJs and their more sophisticated set-ups.

Thanks to its high output voltage, the stylus used in the Concorde Green is able to reproduce timecode signals in an especially precise way that also reduces record wear. But when you're not using a DVS (Digital Vinyl System) set-up,  this cartridge still sounds great thanks to its great tracking ability and high attention to detail.

Key Features:

  • High-quality DJ cartridge
  • Designed by Ortofon
  • Stylish green design
  • Optimised for use with timecode vinyl
  • High signal output for ultimate signal transfer
  • Exclusive to Reloop
  • Direct SME mounting for easy fitting to a DJ turntable
  • Spherical stylus profile
  • Low record wear
  • Great sound quality

Replacement Stylus:

Because of the moving magnet design used to develop the Concorde Green, the stylus tip is easily replaceable. This means that should you run into any performance issues, or if the stylus naturally starts to deteriorate after many months of constant use, you will more than likely not need to buy a whole new cartridge. The existing stylus simply slides off the end of the cartridge body, and the new one slides on its place.

Stylus Green:

Product Code: 231130 / 231135 (Stylus)

Technical Data

Frequency Range: 20 - 20,000Hz
Output Voltage (5 cm/s): 8mV
Tracking Force Range: 2 - 4g
Recommended Tracking Force: 3g
Cartridge Weight: 18.5g