Neon Review

“These two encoders have full metal posts underneath the rubber knob and the Reloop Neon is built very strong and tough. I even tried to rough it up a bit and the Neon never bends, creaks, or pops thanks to the thick plastic and the thin-low-profile design. The rubber performance pads are RGB backlit so the users can change the colors to indicate different modes or types of assignments.”

“In Conclusion, the Reloop NEON is an excellent Serato DJ Companion controller for DJ's who use a Digital Vinyl Setup or other Controllers that don't have the advanced functions and capabilities within the software such as Slip Mode. The NEON is compact, lightweight, and very durable in construction which makes it easy to take it with you on the go and also easy to fit into a small space. The eight RGB backlit rubber performance pads are great for drumming hot cues and samples or for unlocking the cool Slicer modes for performances. The NEON also has the best control of the SP-6 Sampler in Serato DJ by allowing users to visually check the LED indicators to view and change the play-style of the sample right on board the device.”

  • Excellent Serato DJ Companion Controller for DVS & Other Controllers
  • Compact, Lightweight, Durable Construction
  • 8 RGB Rubber Performance Pads for Sampler, Hot Cue, Loop, Roll, & Slicer
  • Best Control of SP-6 Sampler in Serato DJ”
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