Neon Review

“There are almost no products on the market that directly compete with the Neon at the amount of features for the price, except maybe the Serato Remote for the iPad, but even that doesn’t have access to Flips.”

“As mentioned above, the Reloop Neon’s LEDs are bright and crisp. I wish every controller I had looked this sleek.”

“The pads respond very well to triggers for cue points.”

“In Sampler mode you have access to the 6 slots of all 4 banks of the SP-6. That alone makes this controller a compelling product, since there aren’t many options at this price that give that to you, if you don’t already have an all-in-one.”

“Slicer Mode, and Looped Slicer, work exactly as would be expected. I can’t stress how great the LEDs look, though. In fact, all of the other modes work very well.”

“As far as the control modes, it gives you access to just about everything.”

“ The Neon shines as a supplement for your turntables, CD decks, and a mixer, or an older controller like the VCI-300 which doesn’t offer any of its included features. You don’t need to use every feature, but if you want to they are there. If you don’t, if you only need the SP-6 and looping, those are here as well, and they are really easy to use.”

“Once you get the available controls figured out, though, you can do just about anything you need in Serato, and you don’t really need to touch the mouse or keyboard. That, really, is the highest praise I can put on the Reloop Neon: I can focus on my mixing and my hardware, without needing to really pay attention to my screen.”

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