Ortofon Product Availability Options

Ortofon cartridges are available in a variety of options, and it's not always clear what each option means; so we've made this list to help you make the right decision when purchasing your next cartridge.

Twin Packs

Twin Packs are designed to give you everything you need to get playing on the ones and twos. When you order a Twin Pack you get two Concorde cartridges in one metal flight case for easy portability. Both cartridges are supplied as complete units, with the detachable stylus tip fitted onto the cartridge body.


The iconic Concorde design is how most people know the cartridge they're using is an Ortofon. The elongated, plug-in design is effortlessly simple to set-up and offers a reliable, rugged performance whether you scratch, mix, play out in clubs or just play at home.

OM Cartridges

OM stands for Overhead Mounting, so these cartridges are designed to be mounted into a headshell on the end of a tonearm. They are a standard 1/2" mount, which means the screw holes are positioned 1/2" apart. Overhead Mounting has some benefits and some drawbacks over Concordes. On the plus side, you can modify your cartridge alignment more personally - angling the cartridge to your preferred tracking position - but they also require a little more time to set-up (particularly the first time), as they are not designed to be completely plug and play. After the initial set-up, the cartridges do become portable as you can transport them in a headshell.


All Ortofon DJ cartridges are Moving Magnet (MM) cartridge-types, which has a lot of benefits when mixing and a scratching your music. One of the most advantageous features of MM cartridge design is that it allows Ortofon to design replacement stylus tips for all their cartridges. The main body of a DJ cartridge has few demands placed on it when compared to a stylus, which is tracking the vinyl groove while you cue, scratch and back-cue as part of your mix. Therefore the stylus will often degrade quicker than the main body, so rather than replace your whole cartridge when the Stylus runs out of life, you can easily replace the stylus portion only. 

All Ortofon DJ styli will fit onto all Ortofon OM and Concorde cartridges, except the S-120, which has a slightly different fitting. The discontinued Stylus GT also has a different fitting - though this is no longer publicly available.

Though you can fit (for example) a Stylus NightClub MK II onto a Concorde Pro 'S' body, it is important to note that the sound performance will not be as good as with a full Concorde NightClub MK II cartridge. The reason is that the cartridge body encases the generator system, which is pivotal to the eventual sound performance and is different in each DJ cartridge.

Special Models

Ortofon frequently release Special or Limited Edition models. These are often not available in the same variety of options as the core range, so check each Product Page each time we release a Special Product to find out how you can buy it.