• Flagship CDJ and Media Player
  • Built-in DSP Effects
  • Four performance modes: Hot loop, Cue, Loop Roll & Sampler

Reloop RMP-4


The RMP-4 hybrid media player from Reloop is the latest addition to the successful RMP series and an ideal combination of CD player, USB player and performance software controller. But in addition to its multi-platform support it also boasts multiple new performance modes and convenient features.

The RMP-4 has four powerful performance modes – Hot Cue, Hot Loop, Loop Roll and Sampler – which let you customise your mix. Each mode contains quick access to 8 trigger pads whose functions change to suit the relevant mode.

In Hot Cue and Hot Loop mode you can store, trigger and delete your hot cues/loops. In Loop Roll mode it's possible to trigger up to 8 different loop roll lengths, varying from 1/32 to 4/1 beats. These three modes can be further enhanced thanks to the RMP-4’s integrated SLIP mode, so individual remixes can be readily achieved on the fly. Finally, Sampler Mode completes the set and gives access to up to 8 "one shots“ and loops.

By using two RMP-4 players together, the performance possibilities are taken even further thanks to the smart-link connection. In Sync Mode both tracks are exactly synchronised via master/slave setting, while the smart-link connection allows you to access one USB source or DJ software at the same time. MIDI mappings for many DJ software are available through the download sections and Reloop support forums.

The RMP-4's sound engine delivers an extremely accurate and dynamic sound performance. Even when using the high-resolution keylock function, the sound remains accurate and distortion-free.

The large, bright DotMatrix VFD display shows all essential track metadata, which loads quickly and automatically. Track library navigation is managed by the screen’s adjacent push encoder, which makes navigating even the most complicated music libraries trouble-free. A vast setup menu can be used to apply individual settings.

A large dual-zone jog wheel with a touch-sensitive surface and an accompanying high-resolution 100mm pitch fader allow for manual beat matching to ± 0.01%.

All of this packed in a sturdily constructed tabletop design makes the RMP-4 a dependable next generation hybrid controller.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid Media Player: Play Audio from CDs, USB Drives and Control Software via MIDI
  • All new performance layout supports intuitive workflow
  • Sturdy tabletop design with shock absorbing feet
  • Quick Source Select: CD, USB or MIDI Mode
  • USB 2.0 port for the connection of hard disks, USB sticks, flash drives etc.
  • Four performance modes with 8 Trigger Pads: Hot Cue, Hot Loop, Loop Roll, Sampler
  • Hot Cue Mode: Set, save and delete 8x Hot Cues
  • Hot Loop Mode: Set, save and delete 8x Hot Loops
  • Loop Roll Mode: Trigger 8x Loop Rolls on the fly from 1/32 to 4/1 beats
  • Sampler Mode: Fire off pre-loaded Samples or save new ones into 8 slots (one-shot or loop mode)
  • Sync function for auto beat matching two connected RMP-4 with analysed tracks (USB Master/Slave)
  • High-Resolution Keylock (Master Tempo) for precise key modulation
  • Quantize for setting CUE's & Loops in grid
  • SLIP Mode
  • 7x Auto Beat Loop buttons (1/8 - 8/1 beats)
  • Automatic loading of metadata as CUE Points, Hot Loops etc.
  • Large DotMatrix VFD display for all important functions & navigation
  • Smart-Link Connection: Connect two RMP-4 players to share one USB source, control software and beat sync
  • Large Jog Wheel with two-part Touch-Sensitive Control
  • Utility Menu for advanced & customised settings
  • Large, high-resolution 100 mm pitch fader with Micro Pitch adjustment (+/- 0,01%)
  • Database Manager Software for Mac & PC software for analysing your music library for fast access
  • High-Volume Club Quality-Sound output
  • MIDI Mappings available for popular DJ software
  • Vinyl Brake effect
  • Pitch Range select from 4-100%
  • Vinyl / CDJ Mode for Jog Wheel
  • Manual Loop In/Out/Exit/Reloop
  • Auto BPM counter / Manual TAP mode / Manual BPM Adjust
  • Time Remain / Elapsed Mode
  • Auto Cue Mode
  • Large CUE/PLAY/CUP transport controls
  • Pitch Offset LED for Pitch Shift (Sync & Micro Pitch), pitch reset and bend buttons
  • Loop Adjust In/Out via Jog Wheel
  • Half/Double Loop access
  • Fast Slot-in CD drive
  • Fader-start play
For Windows Database build please click here to download

Product Code: 233662

Technical Data

Supported Formats: MP3, WAVE, AAC, AIFF
Output Level: 2V
Signal-To-Noise Ratio:  90dB 
Frequency Range:  17 - 20 kHz
Distortion:  0.006% - 0.007% 
Anti-Shock:  19 Seconds 
Pitch Accuracy:  0.015%
Outputs:  RCA (Analogue) 
USB:  USB Port A/Port B (Format: 12/16/32)  
Power Consumption:  18W 
Dimensions: 320 x 340 x 112.6 mm
Weight: 3.91 kg
Accessories: RCA Cable
AC Power Cord
Auto-Start Cable
USB Cable
Instruction Manual