RMX-22i/RMX-33i Review

"There’s no doubt that both are great mixers though. Rock solid, well specced, effects and scratch-worthy makes them a sound purchase. So if you’re in the market for a budget 2 or 3 channel mixer, the RMX22i and RMX33i fit the bill perfectly. If you’re searching for affirmation — I like them both, and I would personally go for the RMX33i for flexibility."

"QUALITY: Total bricks. Built like a tanks."

"VALUE FOR MONEY: In comparison to its peers, excellent."

"The RMX22i and RMX33i mixers are rock solid entry level additions to Reloop’s growing range. Keep it simple or snag an extra channel? That’s the only decision to make between them."

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RMX-33i  RMX-22i and RMX-33i  RMX Back panel