USB 3.0 Compatibility & Mountain Lion

USB 3.0
Some users are reporting their USB controllers are not being recognized when plugging into USB 3.0 ports, most commonly among owners of the latest (mid-2012) Apple Macbook Pro. It is a problem with Apple's USB drivers that is affecting some AUDIO/MIDI devices, not just from Reloop but other manufacturers too.


If you are experiencing problems with USB 3.0, we have discovered that you can overcome almost all known issues by connecting your controller via an active USB 2.0 hub. This allows the signal to be read as USB 2.0, which eliminates the problem.

Reloop products that may require connection to USB 3.0 ports via a powered USB 2.0 hub:

  • Jockey 3 Remix
  • Jockey 3 ME
  • Digital Jockey 2 (with integrated interface)
  • IQ2 MIDI
  • Contour IE
Mountain Lion

Additionally, for users of the above products running the latest Mac version OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, there is a new CORE driver that will allow your Reloop controller to interact with the new operating system. This can be found in the download section of the relevant product page, or via the Reloop Download Finder.

There have been no reported issues with Windows 8.