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Digital DJ Tips

“OK, so the first impression is: Technics! they are just as heavy, the basic boxy metal design is the same, and frankly anybody used to DJing on Technics turntables will be right at home here in, oooh, about 5 seconds. That is a massive compliment, by the way: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

“The torque is excellent, the tracking (if set up right) is as stable as any, and as I said right at the beginning, if you’re used to Technics, you’ll be at home here in seconds. The important thing is you’ won’t notice any quality drop at all.”

“the Reloop RP-7000 is a fine example of adding subtly and usefully to what a Technics turntable provides with some useful 21st century features. It’s dependable, attractive, highly specified, more than good enough for pro use including scratching”

“if you want pro club-standard turntables, a pair of these will do you just fine without breaking the bank: They deliver both value and quality, which is always a good combination, especially in something as long-lasting and fundamental to the art of DJing as a turntable."

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