RP-8000 Review


Build Quality:  9.0
Ease Of Use:  9.0
Features:  9.0
Value for Money: 7.0
Sound Quality: 9.0
Rating:       8.6

"a turntable built for the 21st century and a contender for the throne left empty by the SL1200, thanks to some very tasty digital inclusions and other refinements."
"the build quality of this turntable is top-notch - every component has been carefully selected to combine into a deck that feels just right to use, with fantastically good sound reproduction."
"When lifting the RP8000 from its box the first thing one notices is the weight, which is pretty hefty nine-and-a-half-kilos, but is still lighter than the original Technics and nearly seven kilos lighter than the Stanton STR-8.Thankfully the relative lightness of the RP8000 has no detrimental effects on the performance or sound reproduction, and will be a blessing when carting these turntables around..."
"MIDI control is where the RP8000 really sets itself apart from the competition..."
"The RP8000's MIDI buttons work flawlessly..."
"All things considered, the RP8000 is a fantastic turntable that not only looks slick and professional but also delivers on performance and features."
"A turntable that benefits from top-notch build quality and components, MIDI controls and a digital pitch-setting display."

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