RP-8000 Review

“Solid, reliable turntable at its core, with the unique addition of well thought-out MIDI controls on the deck.”
“If you want a reliable turntable for advanced DVS use, the RP-8000 is a great buy.”
“The buttons themselves feel really good, with a non-clicky, pad-like action, and they’re just big enough to feel comfortable, and a decent-sized target, even with my fat fingers.”
“When used with Serato DJ, which in recent versions treats the RP-8000 as a piece of native hardware, the setup couldn't be simpler; it’s truly plug-and-play, offering cues, loops, loop rolls, SP6 control, and the Slicer, all of which work great.”
“I had a blast with this deck.”
“The Reloop takes the idea of Dicers to a whole new level, with a big increase in available functions”

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