RMX-22i Review

Digital DJ Tips

"That said, it "feels" like a Reloop product, mainly down to the pleasant rubberised knobs that are typical of the brand. And on close inspection, you notice that it has a couple of novelties up its sleeve - mainly one-knob "instant FX" (hardware effects, onboard) covering filter, gate, white noise and bitcrush similar to Pioneer mixers, plus iPad inputs"

"One nice feature is that if you do want to have just a single iPad deck, you can switch in to "iPad Stereo" mode on the Mic channel, giving you effectively an iPad channel for use alongside traditional decks, for instance."

"For scratch DJs, mobile DJs with CDJs, or anyone who sees the need for a two-channel mixer in their set-up, it's definitely worth being on your shortlist, but especially for bar DJs, lounge DJs, and indeed anyone else who DJs from iPad alongside traditional gear and would be happy with mono output from the iPad, it's a good choice."

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