Mixtour Review

Digital DJ Tips

"It is a pro-feeling controller. It's not metal cased, but it's sturdy plastic with an aluminium connection panel at the rear, and the knobs are properly bolted to the chassis. It has a bit of weight to it, and all the controls are full sized."

"setting it up is a cinch: You wire it all in, launch the software, and turn it on, and it's recognised immediately."

"The controls all feel great, and so once you've worked out how best to position your iOS or Android device for comfortable DJing, it is a huge step up from DJing with just the touchscreen. It's nice to have proper gain controls for each of the channels, which aligned with the real VU meters gives you a pro level of control."

"There are nice big "load" buttons for each deck, but by pressing Shift and the headphone cue button for a given deck, you can preview the currently highlighted library track in your headphones without actually loading it, which is useful."

"It is highly portable, but gives you a whole lot more "real DJing" feel than the touchscreen alone, and of course doubles up as a charger for the device, and more importantly, gives you a high quality DJ audio interface too, for proper full volume stereo cueing and output."

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