RHP-15 Review

“The headphones aesthetic design is big and bold, yet stylish, these headphones ooze an old-school DJ design. The chunky headband is wrapped in black leather, whilst the ends of the sliders are brushed in silver to give them a touch of class.”

“The folding hinges don’t feel fragile either, which is good, because those parts on folding headphones always feel the weakest/prone to breaking.”

“The headphones also deliver a crisp sound that really emphasises mid/high details including arps, claps and percussion. For me, the RHP-15’s really do make you enjoy listening to music more by revealing all the little details you miss on headphones that lack quality technology.”

“Adequate sound isolation is furthermore central to keeping your music at an acceptable level, regardless of whatever the situation you are in. Appropriate volume levels when listening to music also help preserve ear health too. Because the ear pads are of a large circumference they excel at blocking out external sounds efficiently, a lot better than other headphones I’ve previously used too.”

“When wearing the headphones for extended durations, i.e. 2 hours, your head doesn’t begin to feel heavy…”

“the Reloop RHP-15’s represent true value for money because the headphones sound great and they make you enjoy music a lot more due to their superior quality in sound. This product should appeal to anybody who casually likes to listen to music daily, and also for DJ/producers who are new to the industry and wanting a pair of upgraded headphones.”

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